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Martial Arts Classes In Traverse City Develop Functional Strength

Sitting on a piece of gym equipment and pushing or pulling a selected amount of weight on a strict path does little to prepare an athlete for real sports or real life. This type of singular / isolated muscle training is restrictive, boring and can often lead to unnecessary injuries. Martial arts training on the other hand is well suited for developing the functional strength gains that a Traverse City athlete can utilize to improve their performance. Traverse City martial arts offer so much to area residents of all ages from toddlers to elementary and high school to college coeds.

Traverse City Taekwondo Is Great For Building Explosive Power

Taekwondo is an Olympic Sport. Taekwondo (or Korean Karate) is a sport where martial artists get points by kicking and punching to the the padded body and head of their opponent. At the Seung-ni Martial Arts Academy located on Three Mile Road in Traverse City, young athletes practice for a chance of winning a medal at local tournaments, state and even national championships. In addition, many local Traverse City students train in Taekwondo to help get them an extra edge in other sports they play. Taekwondo has techniques like jumping back kick, flying side kick and kip-ups. Jumping and fast footwork is great for building fast twitch muscle fiber and functional strength.

Traverse City Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Builds Impressive Core Strength

At a Traverse City gym many members pump iron, but in sports like football, hockey and wrestling the goal is to move a person not a dumbbell. The Seung-ni Traverse City Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes (for Adults & Kids) involves athletes looking to submit a partner on the ground. The Brazilian Jiu-jitsu techniques involves sweeps, reversals, takedowns and escapes. These BJJ moves require the martial artists to move their opponents weight in weird and akward positions over and over a