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Top 5 Things To Look For In Selecting The Right Traverse City Gym For You

Picking the right Traverse City gym for you and your family can be tricky. There are a lot of Traverse City gyms - but which one is the best fit. Traverse City gyms come in all shapes and sizes just like their members. Some fitness facilities in Traverse City, Michigan cater to a certain gym crowd and others are much more general. I guess we are fortunate in Northern Michigan to have such variety of health clubs. With the new year, fitness becomes a focal point for many Traverse City men and women. Here are the top 5 items to consider in picking the right gym for you:

Traverse City Gym Criteria:

  1. Clean - The fitness studio should be sparkling and a focus of the gym staff. Do you see people mopping and cleaning? How does it smell and is the lobby kept neat and organized? Is the equipment well maintained or old and shabby?

  2. Affordable - Some Traverse City gyms can cost more than $100 a month while others seem almost to cheap. In the world of price .... remember you are looking for the best actual value for your fitness dollars.

  3. Friendly Atmosphere - Some Traverse City gyms can be a little stand off'ish to new members if not down right rude. You work hard all day - the last thing you want to deal with at your new health club are clicks.

  4. Patient & Informative Staff - When you go into a new gym, you are always anxious because everything is unfamiliar from the equipment, group fitness class protocols, weight machines, signing up for cardio machines, etc. -- you want to fit in and not look studid. Some Traverse City gym staffs are friendly and go out of their way to help you feel welcome and others seem to treat a new person as an inconvenience.

  5. Variety - Especially for gyms in Traverse City that offer group fitnes classes like kickboxing, body sculpt, boot camp and core - you want to make sure they offers these classes at convenient times and have enough choices to keep you motivated and your workouts fresh.

Go With Your Gut In Picking A Traverse City Gym

With these 5 key points to consider in picking a Traverse City fitness studio, it is also important to go with your instinct as well. After walking through the gym, meeting the manager, people watching the members -- what did your gut tell you. Most people have a first impression when going into a new environment based off what you like and don't like. Gyms are no different than a restaurant in this matter. So if you leave and felt like it was your type of gym then it probably is.

Ask For A Free Couple Of Workouts To Kick The Tires At The Northern Michigan Gym

Most gyms in Traverse City and Northern Michigan allow you to try before you buy -- or at least they should. Nothing may be more important in making this decision then how you feel after a couple of workouts at the gym in questions. Were you sore in all the right places, did you have fun, did you make a friend and most importantly are you excited to go back and do it again. Good luck in your Traverse City gym search!

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