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Karate Spells Success For Young Martial Artists In Traverse City

"Karate" means empty hand. Every boy and girl in Traverse City knows about Karate from television shows, cartoons, movies, video games and youtube. If you ask most young kids they say they dream of being a Karate master or even a ninja. Karate is such a great martial art for young people to get involved with. Of course in Traverse City there is soccer, hockey, football, volleyball and track. But, although these are great sports they do not equal to Karate when it comes to the equal training of mind and body that many Traverse City kids need to be successful in school, home and life.

Karate Training Is Fun

Karate helps kids to build strong bodies. Push ups, sit ups, jumping, functional strength from all the crazy kicking moves, rolling and break falls, board breaking and weapon sparring -- what Traverse City kid does not want to sword fight with a friend using foam swords from Japan. When the kids are not kihaping or saying "yes sir" they are usually laughing or wearing a big smile in their Karate class. And, improving on challenging kicks and self defense moves in Karate class is fun and builds confidence.

Karate Teaches Self Defense

What to do when a bully pushes you. What to do when a neighborhood kid gets rough. What to do when someone tries to hurt your friend. Karate kids learn how to defend themselves and others. Karate is a defensive - not offensive martial art so it is perfect for every child. But, Karate teaches kids in Traverse City that no one has the right to touch them and bully them and they have the confidence and skills to stand up for themselves. The goal of self defense in Karate is to protect yourself while inflicting as little injury as possible.

Karate Builds Character

Traverse City Karate students learn in addition to self defense skills how to be brave and stand up for what is right even though not popular among their peers. Traverse City youths in Karate learn that you can and should stand up to peer pressure. Karate also makes students humble, respectful and patient. Traverse City is a great community and martial arts students just add to that population of good citizens.

Karate Is Right For Everyone In Traverse City

Sometimes certain teams, sports and activities around Traverse City can be "clicky." That is - if you have not been doing that particular sport your whole life you do always feel welcome. Or, you may not have the right body type or skill set to considered a likely candidate for success - so that child does not get much attention from the coach. Karate is not that. In Karate class - all Traverse City kids are welcome and encouraged in a positive way to set and work toward high goals. When a child earns a black belt in Karate that person will carry that honor with them their entire life. That is BIG!

The Seung-ni Martial Arts Academy is located in Traverse City, Michigan. Seung-ni Academy was opened in September of 2001 and has mentored 100's of Traverse City kids to black belt and beyond. Seung-ni Academy specializes in a Korean style of Karate known as Taekwondo. Seung-ni has great Karate classes for beginners and has a free intro program to see if your child will love it! Just call 231-932-4300 to have your Traverse City kid start his own Karate Journey today...

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