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Traverse City Taekwondo - TKD in TC is a Slice of Asia

Taekwondo Training Is Slice Of Asia In Traverse City

As you bow before stepping on the red and grey tatami mats your eyes are drawn to the asian rice scrolls with kanji characters hanging proudly above the row of mirrors. You can hear Korean terms and commands uttered by the martial arts students clad in white loose fitting Taekwondo uniforms. The Seung-ni Martial Arts Academy in Traverse City is all a buzz as excited students prepare for their hour long Taekwondo class. The most widely practiced martial art in the world - Taekwondo is Korea's national art form. Handshakes among friends on the mat are given in the Korean tradition of a left knife hand under the right elbow to signify no sword or hidden blade is present. The energetic martial arts students at the Seung-ni Academy (or "dojang" as a Taekwondo school is refered to as in Korean) come from not just Traverse City but all over Northern Michigan. Kids, teens and adults all love learning not only the Taekwondo system of Korean self defense but also about the Korean culture.

Taekwondo Form Of Unarmed Self Defense

Relying on strong kicks, dynamic hand techniques, effective blocks and skillful footwork - Taekwondo is an elite form of self defense. Students of Taekwondo at the Seung-ni Traverse City Academy compliment their striking training with 2 other art forms to complete their self defense skills. Hapkido (another Korean art) focuses on how to protect yourself from an attacker if they grab, choke or push you. Finally, the Traverse City martial artists learn Seung-ni Brazilian Jiu-jitsu to become adept at self defense on the ground. Seung-ni is an official World Taekwondo Federation (W.T.F.) school and every black belt receives an official certificate from Seoul, South Korean and the Kukkiwon (Taekwondo International Headquarters). Moreover, Seung-ni Traverse City is also affiliated with US Taekwondo that runs the U.S. Olympic Taekwondo Team.

Traverse City Taekwondo Students Excel In Martial Arts Competition

Taekwondo tournaments happen all over Michigan and the United States and Internationally. Students from Seung-ni Traverse City have competed all over the country and have found great success. Multiple State champions, numerous national event qualifers and even had a black belt student make it the A.A.U. National Team. In addition, Seung-ni hosts a spring Taekwondo tournament every year in Traverse City. Taekwondo tournaments involve sparring, forms and even board breaking events and are for all belt levels from white beginners to advanced black belts.

Seung-ni Traverse City has fun and challenging classes in Taekwondo for all ages starting with Little Grasshoppers (ages 18 months to 3 years), Little Ninjas (ages 3-4), Little Dragons (ages 5-6), Child Taekwondo (ages 7-12), Teen Taekwondo (ages 13-17) and Adult Taekwondo. Give them a quick call at 231-932-4300 to try a free introductory lesson and experience Taekwondo first hand.

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