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Northern Michigan Kids Excel In Martial Arts - And 2014 Looks Even Brighter

As 2013 comes to an end ... and 2014 gets underway what lies ahead is the unknown. Challenges, struggles, adventures and great opportunities await each and every child in Traverse City. Martial arts is best the extracurricular activity to prepare the next generation for the future. Black Belts every year spring out of Northern Michigan to take on the world at college, jobs and travel. They go forth with real life skills for the real world.

What Martial Arts Gives A Kid

  1. Confidence - Feeling great about oneself. Knowing that you can handle any challenge even though new and daunting. Martial arts builds great confidence. In the Child Taekwondo Class at the Seung-ni Martial Arts Academy in Traverse City kids build their self esteem by setting goals, working towards goals and feeling great when they achieve their objectives. Kicks, punches, Korean words, forms and self defense moves must all be learned, practiced and performed to earn new rank belts. This confidence is paramount in giving your child that extra leg up in life.

  2. Grit - An old school idea of tenacity and work ethic that sometimes seems all but lost in today's society of XBox, Computers, TV and social media. But we all know as adults that you need grit to be successful in life. Martial arts teaches grit. Students are confronted with ever increasingly more difficult moves and techniques as they progress through their training. This constant and scientific approach means each student has to work harder and not give up - i.e., "GRIT"

  3. Self Defense - Traverse City is relatively protected from the world that is true. But anger, violence and ignorance tends to seep unfortunately into everywhere and you must equip your own child with the tools to survive. Self defense is a life skill that every kid in Northern Michigan could use. A young teenage female martial arts student has the ability to say "no" and back it up. In fact, the Women's Self Defense program at the Seung-ni Studio is one of our most popular classes. And, a young man should be able to stand up to bullying with confidence. Martial art is not about h