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Traverse City Martial Arts - Builds Confidence, Character And Courage In Young Students - Not Just G

In Traverse City, Michigan, kids as young as 18 months are training in martial arts. It is well recognized that martial arts training equips the child student with effective self defense skills they can use if they are the victim of bullying. For example, at the Seung-ni Martial Arts Academy in Traverse City where I instruct our Little Dragons (ages 5 & 6) learn how to safely protect themselves if someone grabs them, chokes them and pushes them. Moreover the Little Dragon martial arts students follow up their defensive movement with stern eye contact, proud posture and proclaim in a loud steady voice "don't bully me ... I don't like it!" Acquiring the life skill of self defense is immeasureable at this early age. Going through life knowing that you are bully-proof puts the young martial arts student far ahead of the game in Traverse City.

But, in addion to learning martial art skills, Traverse City kids at the Seung-ni Academy are acquiring the 3 C's - Confidence, Character and Courage -- the old fashion way through hard work.

  1. Confidence: It simple speak it means to like yourself. It means you finish what you start. It means that you believe in yourself even when things are not going your way. It means you draw strength for whatever lies ahead by looking to your past and appreciating that you can overcome any obstacle. Traverse City martial arts kids get confidence by setting goals, working towards goals and achieving goals. Video games, TV and the Internet (where too many Traverse City children spend too much time) does not. Traverse City martial arts students are shown a challenging kicks, are instructed in how to do it and are told they need to achieve mastery of the martial arts technique. The martial arts instructors then help the kids and teach them how to practice properly. Finally, the young martial arts students get to earn new belts, patches and trophies by demonstrating the hard earned objective. Confidence is never bought, won or found -- it can only be earned. And, at the Traverse City Seung-ni Academy, young martial arts kids are reaping the benefits of this proven model time and time again.

  2. Character: All child martial arts students at the Seung-ni Academy in Traverse City learn the 5 Tenets of Taekwondo: 1) Courtesy 2) Integrity 3) Perseverance 4) Self Control and 5) Indomitable Spirit. Posters with the 5 martial arts rules of character hang on the academy walls. The young martial arts students recite the tenets from their handbooks. The Traverse City martial artists must state them from memory to earn their black belt. The Seung-ni black belt instructors talk frequently to the kids about the importance of them following this martial arts code in their actions in and outside of the academy. The martial arts students acquire a moral compass