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Traverse City Self Defense - Not Just For Kids, Teens & Women But For All Adults.

Self Defense is a life skill just like running, swimming and CPR - that every Traverse City resident should be well versed in. Self Defense includes a full range of vital pesonal protection skills. "Self Defense" encompasses how to protect yourself from a solo attacker, multiple assailants, weapon attacks and ground skills. Those living in Traverse City and the surrounding areas of Northern Michigan are relatively protected from the violence more frequently seen down state in metro areas such as Detroit, Grand Rapids and Flint. But, nevertheless, violence, crime and rage does seem more and more to occur in our neck of the woods.

Traverse City self defense can come into play in many live situations. Road rage for instance is definitely more frequently in Traverse City. Busy streets, agitated drivers, congested parking lots, tourists unfamiliar with the roads can all lead to a violent situation in a hurry. Busy festivals also brings up a lot of outsiders and alcohol and druges are often present - this is a perfect mixture for a possible violent confrontation. Traverse City residents need to make sure they can protect themselves and their families with real self defense tools.

At the Seung-ni Martial Arts Academy in Traverse City we offer self defense programs for all ages and interests:

  1. Taekwondo (a.k.a. Korean Karate) is a great choice for a Traverse City kid, teen or adult male or female looking to get in great shape and become well rounded in self defense training. Taekwondo known for its powerful, long range kicks is great for fending off multiple assailants and for a stopping larger, stronger attacker. In the Taekwondo class, students ranging in age from 7 - 70 also learn self defense on the ground and from weapons such as a knife, gun or club.