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Traverse City Bullying - Martial Arts "Is" The Answer For Your Child

Kids are mean. This has always been the case. You raise your child with the principle that they should be nice to everyone and that in return that niceness will be repaid. When they head off to school they are just looking to make friends and be accepted. For whatever reason, a bully does not like them. The bully picks on them, teases them, pushes them, intimidates them -- it makes the nice kid you raised not want to go to school. And, a child that does not like school will never excel in learning.

The rise of bullying in Traverse City is alarming -- especially when it is happening to your son or daughter. Traverse City has never been free from bullying but from all accounts it is on the rise. The Traverse City schools are implementing a new department-wide program to help combat the bullying problem. But, when it is directly hurting your child then it is time for you to take action.

As a Master Instructor in Martial Arts for over two decades, I have empowered children to stop bullying on hundreds of occassions. The powerful impact I have seen on these young Traverse City boys and girls with their martial arts training has been amazing. Akthough many activities may help with bullying problems, the only one that I know always works is martial arts. And, as a parent (if your like me) then you want to give your child every possible chance they can have to be super succesful in life.

At the Seung-ni Taekwondo Academy in Traverse City, my specially selected staff of black belt instructors and I, use martial arts to help bully proof each and every child that walks through the door. We use a proven systematic process that builds unshakeable life skills and defense skills into these young Traverse City citizens so that not only can they stand up to bullies but they can also be successful in life. The system results in a Taekwondo Black Belt who stands up straight, looks you straight in the eyes, talks loud and confidently, knows that a bully's simple hateful words can not affect who they "really" are, realizes that no one is allowed to physically harm them (and they have the requisite skills to back that up if ever called upon). And, although Seung-ni Black Belts can defend themselves capably on