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Traverse City Women's Self Defense Program Is Helping Empower Northern Michigan Girls, Teens and

Traverse City Women's Self Defense is needed now more than ever. Traverse City is remote, friendly, protected - but unfortunately predators are popping up more and more. Women's Self Defense training is becoming a must for Northern Michigan women looking to give them the edge in personal protection combat. Young ladies heading off to middle school, teens starting high school, co-eds heading off to a college or university, moms and female professionals working late -- all are potentially at risk.

The Women's Self Defense program at the Seung-ni Martial Arts Academy in Traverse City is leading the way in this important push to equip women with the skills, confidence and vital street smart knoweldge they need to stay safe. Led by Master Instructor Kevin Shoults (owner and founder of Seung-ni Traverse City), the Women's Self Defense classes provide hands on instruction in the key ares of striking (knees, elbows, palm heels, and eye jabs), ground defense (brazilian jiu-jitsu escape moves and submissions), vital targeting (eyes, nose, groin and nerve centers) and specific self defense situational training like what to do if a rapist or mugger grabs you from behind or pulls your hair.

Most females in Northen Michigan and Traverse City specifically know that they "should" take a women's self defense class but many are intimidated and worried they might get injured or may not be able to perform the movements. This common myth is dispelled at the Seung-ni Women's Self Defense seminars held in Traverse City. First the training gym is clean, bright white, well lit, padded and inviting - not scary. Second, the instructors (Master Shoults and his female black belt assistants) are friendly, encouraging, postive and non-intimidating. Third, the techniques taught are easy to remember, effective and not hard to perform. Fourth, most of the Traverse City area women who participate often bring a family member, co-worker or friend as a training buddy.

Quick Women's Self Defense Tips (stay alert / stay safe):

  1. Number one place women are abducted from or attacked is grocery store parking lots.

  2. Number two place women are targeted is in office parking lots and garages.

  3. Number three spot is public restrooms.

Women in Traverse City know they need women's self defense training but are sometimes intimidated. At the Seung-ni Academy in Traverse City - our Women Self Defense classes are just the opposite. They are friendly and encouraging and most participants enjoy them so much they come over and over. So grab your daughter, your teenager, your co-ed, your sister, your mother and give us a call at 932-4300 and get registered for our next Womens's Self Defense program today!

Seung-ni Martial Arts Academy in Traverse City is located on 3 Mile Road between S. Airport and Hammond at 965 Industrial Circle. The Women Self Defense Classes are scheduled every two to three months and as space is limited you should try and pre-register at 231-932-4300.


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