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Traverse City Fitness: What Is Muscle Confusion And Why Your Body Needs It!

Muscle confusion is a simple principle. The human body like any machine is always striving to be efficient. So when employed to do a task the human body will attempt to use as little energy as possible. When asked to do the same task day after day the body becomes super efficient and less work is needed to accomplish the same objective. For instance, if you decided to do 25 push ups everyday. The first day it would be tough and your chest would feel sore the next day. But, after a week the 25 pushups would get easier and you would be less sore. Eventually you could do your 25 pushups in almost auto mode and would have no soreness.

If a workout does not challenge you -- it will not change you. Most people in Traverse City like in any city generally do what they know and like when they do a fitness workout. As such, their fitness routine often becomes boring and repetitive and thus less and less productive in changing their body. The principle of muscle confusion demands that if you want your muscles to respond, grow and become stronger they need to be confused. Accordingly your fitness workouts should be different.

One of the best ways to accomplish this muscle confusion is to attend a group fitness class. The Seung-ni Fit Club in Traverse City offers fitness classes in Kickboxing, Boot Camp, Body Sculpt and Core. These fitness classes are taught by instructors who's number one job is to challenge every member with workouts that are effective, ever-changing, creative and in a sense "confusing" to your muscles. Every instructor has their favorite exercises, follows their own rep count and exercise order, attacks different muscle groups and uses different super and monster sets in construcing their fitness classes. As such, no two classes are ever alike.

Traverse City has a lot of traditional gyms. But, simply getting a membership and going to the gym a couple times a week and doing "your" workout of jogging for 15 minutes followed by a couple of machine exercises and a few sit-ups is probably not going to get your body in the shape you really want. If you want to REALLY change your body then confuse your muscles. At the Seung-ni Fit Club in Traverse City, for instance a member may hit Body Sculpt on Monday night, Kickboxing on Wednesday and Bootcamp on Friday. In each class different instructors motivate and challenge you. All you have to do is show up and be "confused."

The Seung-ni Fit Club in Traverse City is located on 3 Mile Road. If you would like to see how group fitness classes can fire up your fitness routine and obtain the tremendous benefits from muscle confusion then give them a call at 231-932-4300 for a free one week membership.


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