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Self Defense Classes Are Always A Great Idea For Your Traverse City Teenagers

Teenagers in Traverse City can always benefit from self defense classes. Self defense training not only builds a vital life skill of how to defend against a violent attack it also builds confidence, focus, determination and problem solving skills. Teens spend hours playing video games, watching tv, texting their friends, surfing social media sites -- it would not be a bad idea for them to utilize an hour or two a week in self defense practice. In many cultures, especially in Asia, teens in much larger proportion participate regularly in self defense classes. It is not the same here in Traverse City or the United States. But, it probably should be!

Traverse City teenagers are exposed to many potential threats not just in Traverse City but as they travel, head off to college, join the military or find jobs in new communities and cities around the country. Self defense training would be a perfect preparation to make sure they are secure and confident in any environment.

Self defense programs for teenagers are structured, at most of the elite martial art academies to be non-intimidating, fun, challenging and most importantly teach proven self protection techniques that can be relied upon when the going gets rough.

At the Seung-ni Martial Arts Academy in Traverse City, Michigan they offer an on going martial arts classes specifically for teenagers. The Teen Class is about half young men and half young ladies all from the local Traverse City area. Dressed in their plain white martial arts uniforms the students engage in self defense training in many different arenas. First, they practice kicks, punches, knees, elbows against a would be attacker. Using bags and pads they repeatedly strike over and over so that the self defense skills become muscle memory. Second, they practice how to escape and counter attack when an aggressive person were to grab them, choke them or push them. Third, they go over self defense moves on the ground in rely on joint locks and chokes to defend themselves against a pretend attacker. In speaking with the instructor, Master Kyle Scott -- he stated that the Teen Martial Arts Class utilizes 3 separate martial arts: Taekwondo, Hapkido and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu to cover each of these three areas of possible combat defense.

Teenagers in Traverse City need to be able to defend themselves and only from consistent and long term dedication along with professional and encouraging instruction can this goal be achieved. The parents watching the Teen Class at the Seung-ni Academy were very engaged and positive in supporting the teen students. Such a supportive environment is key to the success of such an undertaking.

If you are a teenager living around the Traverse City area or you are the parent of a Traverse City teenager and you would like to learn more about self defense class options please call the Seung-ni Academy at 231.932.4300 or stop by and watch a class - they are located at 965 Industrial Circle (on 3 Mile Road in between S. Airport and Hammond).

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