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Leg Triangle Choke From the Guard

Steps to perform leg triangle choke from guard (Jiu-Jitsu)

1. Grip opponents wrists

2. Push one arm back to their belt, pull other arm forward towards the ground

3. Using your leg on the same side as the arm pulled forward, push off the ground getting your hips offline

4. Bring opposite leg over the shoulder of the arm that has been pushed back and place horizontally across the back of the opponents neck

5. Pull opponents forward arm diagonally across your body so that it is parallel to your body

6. Bring leg used for getting offline up and hook knee around foot hanging off opponents kneck (see picture)

7. Using hamstring squeeze hooked knee and squeeze opponents neck

8. Using core, lift your hips and squeeze your knees to fully execute the choke

At Seungni martial arts in Traverse City proper and detailed form is taught for every move allowing each student to efficiently and effectively perform what they have learned in training and real world situations.

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