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Self Defense Is A Life Skill ... Karate Time

Karate is popular for many reasons. Karate teaches discipline. Karate helps focus. Karate builds confidence. Karate is fun. But, Karate above all else offers children, teens and adults the opportunity to learn one of the most important life skills ... self defense. Self defense is a skill that everyone would love to be better at, but often people are too intimidated to begin their training at a local martial arts school. In Traverse City, Michigan young and old come to the Seung-ni Martial Arts Academy Specializing in Korean Karate (a.k.a. Taekwondo) students at the Seung-ni Academy learn self defense skills for the real world.

Who needs self defense? The better question may be who doesn't need self defense? In truth, it is hard to find a demographic group that could not benefit great from awesome Karate self defense training.

- Children: The ability for a young person to stand up for themselves to the school yard bully, an intimidating peer, an angry relative, a potential abductor or even worse -- is critical. Karate is key because it equips children with verbal and mental and physical skills of self defense to combat such threats. At the Seung-ni Academy, there are countless examples of how young students over the years have effectively nullified threats (often without violence) by employing their self defense training of Child Karate.

- Teens: Physical aggression and cyber bullying along with an alarming increase in sexual violence for high schoolers -- alerts almost every parent to the possibility of a self defense scenario happening to their young adult. At the Seung-ni Academy, the Teen Karate class does an excellent job of giving the students tools to protect themselves from all threats.

- Adults: Road rage, anger at the workplace, home invasion, terrorism -- it seems as though violence in its many forms is only growing in occurrence and severity. Karate training with its powerful kicks and punches, take downs and pressure points is the right martial art for adults to keep themselves and their family safe in today's society. One of the motto's for the Adult Karate Class at the Seung-ni Dojo in Traverse City is that "in a fight you do not rise to the occasion, you default to your training."

- Senior Citizens: Violence against the older class is on the rise. It is hard to believe but this vulnerable segment of society is often preyed upon. Martial arts is a powerful equalizer for senior citizens. Karate teaches how to disable a larger stronger attacker and also how to employ martial arts weapons to help even the playing field. Traverse City has a large number of retirees and more and more are beginning to train in Karate at the Seung-ni Academy.

Self Defense training with Karate classes in Traverse City is right for all ages. To come try a Karate class at the Seung-ni Dojo call 231.932.4300 or stop and see the facility for yourself at 965 Industrial Circle, Traverse City, Michigan or check them out on line at

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