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Taekwondo Is Great For Any Child...

Taekwondo is the martial arts that seems to fit just about every child right. Children who train in Taekwondo tend to thrive and the difference is something their parents pick up right away. Taekwondo moms and dads start to see the changes in their child in respect, listening, manners, goal setting, perseverance and confidence. Its interesting that simply attending a Taekwondo class a couple times a week can have such a profound and powerfully positive impact on a child's life.

At the Seung-ni Taekwondo Academy located in Traverse City, Michigan we have graduated 100's of fantastic young black belt leaders from in and around the Traverse City area. These young adult Taekwondo black belts all started in martial arts as a child and grew up with both the physical and mental benefits of Taekwondo. In reflecting on how powerful Taekwondo can change and improve the lives of children -- I sat down and interviewed a number of their parents to see just why Taekwondo is such a good fit for every child... and here is what I learned:

- Barbara is the mother of a 14 year old daughter who received her Taekwondo black belt from me. Her daughter Sarah started training at my Taekwondo academy when she was 9. When asked how Taekwondo changed her child, Barbara said - "it was like a switch got thrown on in her head. She started doing better in school almost immediately after starting her training with Master Shoults at the Seung-ni Academy. She began doing her homework without repeated prompting and her confidence almost exploded. To be honest, it was the self esteem she found from doing her Taekwondo kicks, punches and board breaks that allowed her to really engage in her school work."

- Samantha has two young boys how have each been training at the Traverse City martial arts school since last fall. When questioned about the role Taekwondo has had in her boys life she said - "for me its the respect and the listening that has changed the most. In their Karate class, the instructors tell them to respect mom and dad but they also instill in them why its important. And they listen!!! Its awesome. I do not have to ask them to pick up after themselves over and over and now no more constant yelling."

- Andrew has a son, Jimmy who has been training in Taekwondo for 3 years and is almost ready to earn his black belt. Andrew responded to my question about the power of Taekwondo on his son's journey with these kind words - "could not believe it. Jimmy actually has poise now. Taekwondo gave him a presence. He has been able to stand up to the local bully who always had his number at the bus stop, but not any more. Thank you Seung-ni Taekwondo."

Taekwondo is a fantastic martial art for a child. It instills so much and the return off the investment of time, effort and money is unbelievable. The Seung-ni Traverse City Academy is enrolling now for fall Taekwondo classes. To get info for your son or daughter about starting Taekwondo classes call me at the Academy at 231.932.4300 or looks us up on the web at

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