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Kickboxing classes are great for losing fat...

Kickboxing classes are awesome for losing fat for many reasons. The most important reason though is that kickboxing is fun -- so you are going to want to keeping attending kickboxing classes are see great changes in your body. The truth behind why we get fat is simple. We eat too many calories everyday and do not burn enough as we sit at a computer at work, sit in a car and sit on the couch watching television. Kickboxing classes will change your metabolism, change your cardio health, change your soft idle body into lean hard muscle, change your confidence in regards to self defense and most importantly, kickboxing will change your mind about working out.

Kickboxing workouts combine kicks, punches, elbow strikes and knee strikes. In kickboxing classes kickboxers can burn up to 1,000 calories per hour and they hone their kicking and punching skills. Kickboxing takes your workout game to a whole new level for these reasons:

1. Metabolism is how fast and efficient your body is at burning up calories. Because kickboxing classes are great all over body workouts, they rev your metabolism. In addition all the built in resistance training helps you to put on lean dense muscles in your legs, back, torse and arms and shoulders. Having more lean muscle mass means that kickboxing students burn more calories even as they sit all day at work or commuting or even relaxing on the couch.

2. Cardiovascular Fitness is greatly improved from routine kickboxing training classes. Because every muscle gets worked and the movement in kickboxing is vigorous -- your heart gets extra strong.

3. Chiseled Body of a Kickboxer -- is earned from every punch, uppercut, front kick and elbow strike in kickboxing class. Kickboxers have some of the most beautiful and athletic bodies and you can as well. Kickboxing gives you lean hard abs and defined legs and a strong but...the good stuff!!!

4. Confidence from kickboxing is not pretend - its real. For instance at the Seung-ni Martial Arts Academy located in Traverse City, Michigan the kickboxing classes although for fun and fitness -- the instructors also take time to teach you not only how to throw properly executed and powerful strikes in the kickboxing class; but,also instruct on how to target vital spots on the body, how to block and avoid contact and how to stay strong in a real life self defense situation. So kickboxing is not only a great workout but also a valuable life skill.

5. Fun, Fun, Fun -- Kickboxing at its very core is a fun exercise class. Hitting bags and striking pads gets rid of lots of pent of energy and negative energy. And, training with other students and friends in kickboxing class makes it all the more enjoyable.

It's time you give kickboxing a try. If not now, when? If you live in Northern Michigan and would like to check out a kickboxing class at the Seung-ni Martial Arts Academy, call 231.932.4300 or look up the gym at

"Live to Kickbox and Kickbox to Live"

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