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Martial Arts for building strong confidence and strong bodies.

Martial arts is a unique discipline because of how it builds both strong confidence and strong bodies. Interwoven through the training of punching, push-ups, kicking, meditation, hand to hand self defense training with a partner, stretching, belt testing, sparring, forms practice, break-falls and board breaking is the undeniable fact that martial artists have both significant self-esteem and fit bodies. Many other disciplines may attempt to equal the results of martial arts training...but over the years it is apparent that few can equal what martial arts provides so readily.

Many seek out training in martial arts as a beginner for various reasons:

1) Self Defense -- martial arts translated mean the warring arts so it is not surprising that when individuals feel the need to build their self defense skills that martial arts is the first place they usually turn. Learning, practicing and mastering defensive movements that can dis-arm a handgun, take down an attacker, repel a rapist or stop a bully in their tracks is a key component of any martial arts system.

2) Balance -- martial arts is also adept at allowing a student of his or her chosen art to find an equilibrium and bring internal peace. The world is hectic. Finding a balance between work, family, exercise, hobbies, education, etc. is a challenge many if not all face in today's society. Martial arts is so powerful in teaching those that delve into its teaching that balance is obtainable.

3) Fitness -- martial arts builds strong, powerful, lithe bodies because of its focus on body weight exercises, flexibility training, core strengthening movements and cardio training. A black belt in martial arts has learn how his or her body works, has honed it to a fine machine and can derive maximum power from their limbs.

4) Anger management -- martial arts allows those with tempers to release that negative energy in a positive way but also reveals to those how not to build up that unproductive energy to begin with. Its almost ironic that a discipline that at its core instructs how to use pain to stop another can actually have such a cathartic effect on the practitioner.

5) Excitement -- martial arts movies are exciting and fun. Learning marital arts is just as much fun and exhilarating. The monotony of corporate life or drudgery of every day life can have a dulling effect on the intellect and the soul. Martial arts reinvigorates that soul and hunger to try new things and live outside your comfort zone.

Would you like to have a stronger mind? Would you like to have stronger body? Then give your local martial arts academy a call and get started to today on your journey towards both. If you live in the Traverse City, Michigan area please give a call to the Seung-ni Martial Arts Academy at 231.932-4300 and begin your own path to black belt!!!

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