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"The Samurai Had It Right" ... Discipline, Perfection and Simplicity - Adult Martial Arts

The Samurai were the warrior elite class that helped feudal Japan keep law and order for 100's of years. The code of the Samurai was simple and pure. Their lifestyle can offer much to the modern adult who seeking to find balance in today's chaotic existence. Adult martial arts training is still one of the pursuits for fitness, stress release, fun and confidence. From Brazilian Jiu-jitsu to Taekwondo and even Kickboxing adults in the Traverse City area are experiencing what it means to pursue to the life of a samurai at the Seung-ni Martial Arts Academy. The Black Belt instructors at the Seung-ni Academy in Traverse City instill the adult martial arts students with those values and life skills that made the samurai the envy of all warriors.

Adults seek out martial arts training in 2016 for many reasons. They want to get in shape. They want to learn self defense. They want to control their tempers. They want a fraternal environment where they can socialize with other positive individuals. They want to reduce stress in their lives. They want to find balance. When Traverse City area adults begin their martial arts journey at the Seung-ni Academy they obtain these essential benefits and more from their martial arts training. The code of the samurai offers guidance on many of these vital areas of life:

1. Balance - An adult martial arts student usually spend the majority of every day behind a steering wheel, stuck at a computer terminal, on the couch watching television or playing on their smart phone. All mental -- no physical. Martial arts training for adults is real. Martial artist get to kick and punch and stretch and release all that physical energy in a positive productive environment. This engaging work on the physical side helps to find balance and thus a better perspective on challenges.

2. Strength - The rigorous discipline of martial arts training builds a tremendous core, strong legs, powerful arms and shoulders and explosive quickness. Adult martial arts students at the Seung-ni Academy can be seen on any given night performing impressive techniques. But, these strong martial artists did not start out that way. All began as white belts and safely under professional supervision excelled by gradually improving their overall fitness by practice, repetition, diet, rest and sacrifice.

3. Confidence - Adult martial artists gain self esteem that transfers into all parts of their lives. Young business professionals have greater confidence to strive for new ventures and to take calculated risks because they believe in themselves and know that they have what it takes to be successful no matter the obstacle. This unshakable confidence derives from martial arts students setting, working towards and achieving goals in their martial arts realm -- but it affects all areas of their life.

4. Friendships - The samurai were so successful in part because they trained in martial arts with others who shared their passion and dedication. At the Seung-ni Academy in Traverse City it is easy to see that this samurai experience is alive and well. Seung-ni students not only train together but they also play together.

Become a modern day samurai. Why not? What is stopping you? To begin your Samurai journey today -- call the Seung-ni Academy for your first lesson at 231.932.4300.

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