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Martial Arts For My Child?

Martial arts is a great child activity. Martial arts is super fun for kids. Martial arts teaches important discipline to children. For any child martial arts instills life lessons. Martial arts gives kids confidence. But, is martial arts right for my child? This question is something many parents in Traverse City, Michigan ask themselves. Maybe they have tried soccer, baseball, dance, gymnastics and now these Traverse City parents wonder if martial arts is maybe the activity that will capture and engage their child.

The Seung-ni Martial Arts & Kickboxing Academy in Traverse City - is family friendly and focused on developing children with great character, grit, personal defense skills and self esteem. The disciplines offered at the Seung-ni Studio in Traverse City include Korean Karate (a.k.a. Taekwondo) and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (a.k.a BJJ).

Listed below are some of the leading reasons why happy Traverse City parents have decided to enroll their child at the Seung-ni Academy:

1. Need More Confidence - many kids could use a self confidence boost. Martial arts is the perfect tool to turbo boost your child's self esteem. Young martial arts students become masters of karate techniques. This expertise translates into every part of their life -- interacting with siblings, peers, parents and facing challenges.

2. Need More Discipline - traverse city kids can benefit greatly from being able to follow through on parent requests, do homework with reminding, turn off computers and the tv after an appropriate amount of usage time. Martial arts builds discipline from the ground up with mental and physical training.

3. Need More Exercise - too many children are inactive. Martial arts gets kids up and moving. Push ups, Sit ups, flying side kicks, board breaking, obstacle courses, relay races, sparring,,,karate kids are strong, athletic, fit kids.

4. Need More Grit - a young person often will get into the habit of quitting anything at the first moment of an obstacle or friction. Martial arts shows kids that success is achievable in any endeavor as long as they never give up.

The entire Seung-ni Black Belt instructional staff stand ready to help Traverse City parents answer the question is martial arts right for my child?

If you would like to have your child (age 3 and up) come try martial arts and see if it is just what they need to get that extra edge in life call him at 231-932-4300. Or, look it up on the web at

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