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Martial Arts Classes are the Perfect Activity for Your Preschooler!

Parents often struggle when trying to find an activity for their preschooler. Preschoolers can lack the attention span and/or social skills to participate in many group activities. So what sort of activity can a parent enroll their preschooler in where the child could learn these things while also having fun? Seung-Ni Martial Arts Academy's Little Ninjas class provides a fun learning environment to help children ages 3 and 4 develop their attention and social skills.

Little Ninja classes involve quick and simple exercises to start the class off. After that the class is filled with simple self defense techniques and games to help the ninja students burn off energy and learn coordination. In between games the students must either stand or sit still while waiting for their turn. This teaches them a great amount of patience and self control to the young students. Students may also have to work in groups at times and are required to raise their hands in order to speak in class. This teaches them social skills that are essential for them when moving into kindergarten and standard school.

Little Ninja class focuses heavily on teaching younger children manners and respect. The Black Belt teachers spend time in each class to talk to the students about a life lesson. Examples of such lessons include when to be silly and when to be serious, what Little Ninjas are allowed to use their kicks and punches on, and that whining gets you nothing. With these lessons being a focal point in the Little Ninja program, preschoolers are sure to learn how to behave well regardless of where they are and who they're with.

If you or someone you know has a preschooler and would like to enroll them in the Little Ninja program please call Seung-Ni Martial Arts at (231) 932-4300 or visit us at


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