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Self Defense - Bullying Is Every Where

Self Defense is the only way to stop a bully. Bullying is the new buzz word for school systems. In Traverse City, "bullying" is discussed, regulated, marketed, hyped...but when it is your child, self defense is the only way to protect their fragile self esteem. Bullying on playgrounds. Bullying on buses. Bullying in the hallways. Bullying at the mall. Self Defense is an ancient concept. But, self defense has a place in today's society.

Traverse City kids need to feel safe. Traverse City kids need to feel that they are not a target. Traverse City kids need to have the confidence that they can deter, stop and protect against unwanted physical violence regardless when and where it occurs. Self Defense training is vital for children who have been or are being bullied to rebuild their self esteem.

A Self Defense program against bullying should include a number of essential elements:

1) Positive Environment - Self Defense needs to be taught to children in a way that they realize it is okay for them to make mistakes in the learning process. At the Seung-ni Martial Arts Academy located on 3 Mile Road in Traverse City, Michigan the Master Instructors teach many Traverse City kids in how to defend themselves. The patient black belt leaders teach the Taekwondo classes in a unique way that allow each child to progress at their own speed so that every class is positive,