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How To Do A Kickboxing Front Kick

Kickboxing is an awesome workout. Inspired by martial arts like Taekwondo and Karate and drawing techniques from boxing and Muay Thai -- kickboxing is fun, challenging and effective at transforming your body.

Kickboxers utilize many hand and foot techniques in their training. One of the most basic and powerful kickboxing moves is a front kick. Devastating when performed properly this movement can send a rapist or predator back on their heels and make them think twice about whether the kickboxing student is an easy victim.

The kickboxing front kick is generally delivered with the rear leg. As a boxer stand slightly sideways to protect their vitals (groin, stomach and face) from injury so does a kickboxer. And, a well trained kickboxer will primarily keep their strong or dominant foot and hand in the rear. That is, if you are right handed you will stand with your left foot in front and right foot back. This allows a kickboxer to deliver cross and upper cut punches with stopping power and kicks that can change a conflict in an instance.

So a front kick begins with the kickboxing practioneer raising their rear knee up to belt level. This first part of the kick is often referred to as chambering. Second, while keeping their fists raised, the kickboxer will then extend their rear foot forward with the toes pulled back so that the ball of the foot makes contact on the intended target. Following the strike, the kickboxing student will recover the foot back and place it on the floor ready to continue their attack or defense.

The front kick is one of the more simple strikes in a kickboxers arsenal but wickedly powerful. From a fitness perspective, the front kick is a great movement to practice to build strong powerful calves, hamstrings, quads, cardio, hip flexors and core. The kickboxing students can practice front kicks in the air to build balance and control, on small paddles for accuracy and on heavy bags for power.

Check out a kickboxing gym near you and get going on your front kick training today.

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