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What is your first kickboxing class like???

So you live in Traverse City, Michigan. You want to get in great shape. But you dont want to run on a treadmill and doing a boring 45 minute rotation on gym weight machines that never seem to really do anything for you - much less excite you. You want something fun and challenging. You want something new, but you don't want to look silly doing it. Answer: you need to try KICKBOXING.

Why kickboxing? Good question. Here is the answer:

1. In Traverse City, Michigan is located the Seung-ni Martial Arts Academy & Kickbox Club. Seung-ni was the first gym in Michigan to bring kickboxing as a mainstream fitness class to Michigan. The Seung-ni gym is completely outfitted with the best training gear for kickboxing in Traverse City and all of Northern Michigan.

2. The kickboxing instructors at Seung-ni are professional, friendly, patient and most of all they care about helping you achieve your fitness goals. Every new kickboxing student is shown step by step how to do a complete kickboxing workout at their own pace.

3. Kickboxing is FUN. Yeah i said it "fun". Sweating, training, exhausted - but with the music pumping and the ever changing combos on the heavy bag or footwork drills or mma conditioning movements --- the Seung-ni kickboxers are smiling and laughing.

4. Effective. The body of a kickboxer is mean and lean. Abs, butts, shoulders and back all get a great workout from hitting the bags, pads and mitts.

5. Stress Release. A workout should not only make your body better but also your mind. At the Seung-ni kickobxing studio, clients constantly share about how they feel less stressed, have a better perspective and have more energy to tackle life's challenges.

A typical kickboxing class starts with students wrapping their hands like a boxer to protect their knuckles and wrists. Second, after a light stretch its off to jump rope for several minutes to get a sweat going and find the vital connection between hand and feet. Following, the kickboxers put on their boxing gloves and work combos on the heavy bags. After that it could be speed bag and station training with the elbow and knee bags or maybe some partner mitt drills. Finally, a good cool down with a deep stretch wraps up class. Oh yeah, and then a high five from your kickboxing instructor and great conversation with the other members of the class and you grab your ice water and head out of the gym excited already for your next class...

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