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Self-Defense for the Northern Michigan Woman

Everyone should know how to defend themself wether they are a college football player, a businesswoman, a high school student, or a stay at home mom. A person of any build or background should know how to use their body to defend against an aggressor. That being said it isn't unknown that those who would seek to attack another usually target women, making it that much more important that a woman knows self-defense. At Traverse City's Seung-Ni Martial Arts, fun and patient black belt instructors teach important techniques to repel attacks and even holds seminars specifically for women's self-defense.

Many different martial arts are available at Seung-Ni and all of them are useful for a woman looking to protect herself and those she cares for. Taekwondo is a popular and powerful striking martial art and is taught aongside hapkido, a style to counter when an attack grabs a limb or wraps their arms around their victim. Perhaps the best style taught at Seung-Ni is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Jiu-Jitsu is a martial art focused on ground fighting and doesn't rely on muscle or body mass, making it perfect for woman with smaller builds who would seem an easy victim.

In addition to regular classes are special women self-defense classes. These classes focus on handling scenarios that woman victims have encountered such as being forced to the ground or attacked from behind. These classes also teach how to avoid being in these circumstances in the first place such as walking with another person and/or talking on the phone. Master Kevin also teaches specific strikes to pressure points that will cripple an attacked and allow for a quick follow up or getaway in this class.

Seung-Ni of Traverse City is holding its next self-defense seminar for women soon. If you or someone you know is interested in attending this class or joining regularly scheduled classes please contact Traverse City Seung-Ni Martial Arts at (231) 932-4300 or visit us at

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