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Traverse City Tournament Provides Competition and Learning

Traverse City children want to have fun. They want to compete. And they want to win at that competition. Traverse City parents want their children to have fun. They want them to

feel good about themselves. And they want them to learn. All these criteria can be met in one event twice a year at Traverse City's Seung-Ni Martial Arts Academy; a tournament for child students is held in the spring and the fall.

During these tournaments a large amount of students will gather in their respective age groups to compete and have fun together. These age groups range from Little Ninjas (3-4), Little Dragons (5-6), to Child Taekwondo (7-12). Each age group will have a variety of events such as longest kick, longest punch, and board breaking, while some events are only for certain age groups like Little Ninjas and their loudest kihap and Child TKD and sparring. Regardless of the age group or event, every son and daughter is sure to have fun and maybe get a trophy as well!

Tournaments, and competitions in general, are great for any child. They provide a enviroment to feel good when winning and learn when losing. The black belt teachers are sure to tell all of his students on the front end that some will get more trophies than others because that is life; some people are better at some things than you are. However, all students are encouraged by the instructors to compete and are told that the tournament enviroment is a great place to show of their skills. Because if they can do it in front of, not only their peers and teachers, but also a gym full of visiting relatives and strangers, then they should have no problem doing said skills elsewhere.

If you or someone you know is interested in signing up your child for martial arts classes in the Traverse City area please contact Seung-Ni Martial Arts at (231) 932-4300 or visit us at

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