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Little Dragons Students Learn Big Kid Lessons

Parents in Northern Michigan want their child to behave well. Parents want this good behavior to be prevelant everywhere, not just at school or out at dinner. Parents want their child or children to learn these social skills without them being forced. At Traverse City Seung-Ni Martial Arts Academy the instructors teach Little Dragons manners and social skills as well as self defense.

The Seung-Ni Traverse City black belt instructors make sure that every Little Dragon class has a lesson to be learned. Sometimes he may discuss listening to parents the first time they say something, another it may be when to be serious vs silly, and another it may be how whining gains nothing. Regardless of what the lesson of the day may be, the instructors always stress a few key rules; never use your punch and kicks on anyone except those trying to harm you, always listen to parents, and whining will get you nothing. Little Dragons learn that behaving like a big kid is just as important as punching and kicking like one.

In addition to learning all the important social lessons, Little Dragon classes are also sure to be full of things to keep any child active. Every class begins with running and a routine of stretches as well as push-ups and sit-ups. And that's only the warm up. The rest of class will have students kicking punching, doing relays, and even tackling obstacle courses. Every Little Dragon will be sure to work out there body as much as their mind.

If you or someone you know is interested in signing up a child for Little Dragons please call Traverse City Seung-Ni at (231) 932-4300 or visit us at

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