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Traverse City Gym: Why Group Fitness & Kickboxing Rate #1

Traverse City Gyms are on every corner it seems. Corporate gyms, boutique gyms, heavy lifting gyms, expensive gyms, fancy gyms - Traverse City has them all. For years, gyms have marketed to Traverse City residents that jogging on a treadmill or stairstepper for a few minutes and then hitting a few weight machines will give you that fit body you have always wanted. Well, as many Traverse City residents have learned first hand this just does not seem to happen.

Group Fitness Classes v. Traditional Gym - A Clear Winner

Group fitness classes win almost hands down against a traditional gym when it comes to actual results. Most gyms in Traverse City seem to be selling the idea of a gym membership more than what is actually supposed to result from that investment of time and money. Group fitness classes like kickboxing, body sculpt, boot camp and core offered at theTraverse City, Michigan based Seung-ni Fit Club win on almost every level:

  1. Time Efficient - 55 minute group fitness classes are high energy and work your entire body with no wasted time for idle chit chatting by the water cooler like at many gyms in Traverse City.

  2. Fun - having different workouts, with different music and with different instructors is fun because it never gets boring and routine.

  3. Cost effective - an unlimited monthly membership at the Seung-ni Fit Club in Traverse City costs only $45.00 (way cheaper than a traditional Traverse City gym membership plus expensiver personal trainer fees which can run into the $100's.)

  4. Effective - burning over 800 calories an hour in kickboxing for instance burns that fat, sculpts long lean muscle and boosts your metabolism.

Traverse City Gyms Can Be Uncomfortable, Clicky & Intimidating

As a new member wandering into a Traverse City gym for the first time, most individuals are anxious about all the looks they will get and the wandering eyes. Those small groups of people who have been working out together for a long time are not always welcoming if your not in the best shape and a gym rat. All those confusing pieces of gym equipment are hard to figure out. Group fitness class at Seung-ni Fit Club in Traverse City are just the opposite. The other members of Seung-ni reach out to the new members and the instructors are super nice and helpful -- explaining everything patiently in detail. Group fitness classes are warm and positive places where Traverse City residents can feel at home.

Group Fitness Motivates Like No Other Traverse City Gym Can

Posters hung on the wall of muscle gyms do not motivate. Having gym based personal trainers simply stand next to you as you work away does do not much more. At the Seung-ni Traverse City Fitness Studio the instructors do the workouts like kickboxing and body sculpt right along with you. They do not make you do some unrealistic number of reps because they are doing the exact same fitness routine. And, you are surrounded by other people with all fitness levels that are working just as hard as you. This is positive peer pressure that helps you keep going and pushing that extra squat, crunch, press or curl.

Traditional gyms in Traverse City sell fitness but they often fall short on actually getting you there. Group fitness classes like at the Seung-ni Traverse City Studio are inexpensive, time effective, friendly, motivating and get results. Seung-ni offers a free VIP Pass if you would like to come try a few classes and see the REAL difference of group fitness. Check them out at or call 231-932-4300.

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