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Traverse City Combat Kickboxing Class - Like Training For A Fight But You Never Get Hit.

"Combat Kickboxing" Lands In Traverse City

At the Seung-ni Martial Arts Academy in Traverse City they are launching a brand new group fitness class this winter. You have heard of aerobic kickboxing, cardio kickboxing, tae bo but now get ready for "combat kickboxing." The kickboxing class will be 55 minutes long and taught several times a week at the Seung-ni gym located on 3 Mile Road in Traverse City.

Taught By Martial Arts Black Belts & MMA Cage Fighters

The combat kickbox class is led by martial arts black belts and MMA cage fighters who will share their knowledge and experience with you. These Traverse City based professional martial artists will show you proper kickboxing form for stances, jabs, hooks, roundhouse kicks and elbow strikes. No sloppy technique - crisp powerful strikes. The kickboxing instructors will critique you and help you do it right.

Kickboxing Class Format

The class starts with every student learning how to and wrapping their own hands (just like you are getting ready to step into the kickboxing ring for a match). After a quick loosening up stretch the class will work the jump rope for several minutes - to sharpen explosive movement and footwork. Then the class moves to shadow boxing with the instructor calling out combos. Next, the combat kickboxing group switches to partner pad work - this adds in important boxing ducks, slips and blocks. Lastly, the boxing training goes to the heavy bags and ground torso bags for power training.

Combat Kickboxing Has Great Self Defense Skill Training

Not only will you burn calories, shred fat, tone muscle and define those abs in combat kickbox (according to Harvard Researchers - kickboxing burns over 800 calories an hour) but you will also learn how to defend yourself. Every move in kickboxing comes from martial arts and those theories and principles will enable you to be a strong defender in a violent self defense situation. How to ground and pound, how to generate thug stopping power with knees and elbows and how to stare down a predator because you got skills -- that is combat kickboxing.

All the same high level and exciting training like you are getting ready for a real kickboxing match - except you don't ever get hit. The boxing hand wraps, the jumping rope, the pad work and the bag training -- it will make your body and mind strong and it is fun.

The author, Master Kevin Shoults, is the owner and head instructor of combat kickboxing at the Seung-ni Academy in Traverse City. If you would like to try a combat kickboxing class and live around the Traverse City area then call 231-932-4300 or look the gym up on the web at And, Seung-ni offers VIP Passes so you can try 2 group fitness classes for free.

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