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Traverse City Fitness: Why Kickboxing And Group Classes Are So Effective

Everyone wants to be in better shape in Traverse City. Everyone in Northern Michigan wants to have a greater level of fitness. Everyone wants to have their clothes fit better, their belly less protruding, their reflection in the mirror less discouraging. The "want" part of the equation is not the trouble. The weak point is that the mechanism to achieve the desired fitness body often falls short.

Traditional Gyms Around Traverse City May Not Be The Answer

You get a gym membership. You put your membership I.D. fob on your key ring. You start out going to the gym four times a week. This lasts only a couple of weeks. You get bored and do not see the results you wanted. You start to skip a few days. No one misses you (the treadmill does not call you). Eventually you stop going to the gym completely. All you are left with is your original fitness goal, a gym key fob and the same body you started with.

Group Fitness Is Different And Different IS Good!!!

At the Seung-ni Fit Club located on 3 Mile Road in Traverse City, those seeking to achieve their fitness goals are finding a very different experience. The Seung-ni Fit Club does not have confusing weight machines and treadmills -- instead they have group fitness instructors who are fun, motivating, encouraging, know you by name and really care if you don't show up to a class or think about stopping. The group fitness classes include kickboxing, body sculpt and boot camp. The class schedule is flexible and varied so you can come in the early morning, mid morning, evenings and weekends. Seung-ni even offers a complete 28 Day Body Challenge with fun prizes and team competition to making getting fit extra fun.

Why Group Fitness IS So Effective...