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Traverse City Martial Arts: Elite Cross Training Via Taekwondo

Agility, balance, speed, explosive movement, timing, control, focus, discipline - these are the words commonly used to describe the attributes of elite athletes. In Traverse City, young boys and girls are aspiring to be the very best in their sport. Traverse City produces high level atheletes in soccer, hockey, football, basketball, tennis, etc. -- that go on to play college and even at the pro level.

The best way to build these underlying skills may not just be more time spent on that one sport. In fact, evidence and study suggests that cross training may a higher return. In Traverse City, many young athletes are looking to martial arts training to get that extra edge. At the Seung-ni Academy located in Traverse City the highly trained group of black belt instructors are in the front lines of this quest for elite skills.

Most young athletes in Traverse City select Taekwondo as their cross training vehicle of choice and for good reason. Taekwondo (an Olympic Sport - is a Korean art form that relies on fast dynamic kicks and punches). Taekwondo players are considered to be some of the best trained and most highly conditioned athletes in the world. The benefits to young Traverse City aspiring boys and girls from studying the martial art of Taekwondo is impressive:

  1. Speed - the old saying muscle intimidates and speed kills is undeniable. Taekwondo relies on explosive lightening fast strikes to score points. This speed training transfers perfectly in to all other sports.

  2. Timing - it is challenging to hit an elusive target that does not want to get hit. Traverse City youths training in Taekwondo learn how to see the opening and strike at the exact moment. This attention to detail is of great asset in all sports.

  3. Footwork - Taekwondo students become razor sharp at moving with balance in and out of striking range. Learning to control your body so you do not over or under commit is essential in most sports.

  4. Discipline - traditional martial arts demand that the young student have not just a strong body but also a strong mind in order to be in the moment. In the U.S. we call it the "Zone" in the East they refer to it as "Kimme" -- or translated to have tight mind.

  5. Agility - flexible and supple, Taekwondo's focus on stretching and being limber (so as not to fight one's own body) means the young athlete will be less likely to get injured and be able to learn proper form from the beginning and develop less bad habits.

Traverse City Kids dream of playing at college and in the pros just like many young boys or girls in the country. Giving them that superior elite edge through cross training in martial arts may just be that little advantage they need to reach their dreams.

The Seung-ni Martial Arts Academy in Traverse City teaches Taekwondo to all ages starting as young as 18 months. If you would like to have your child give it a try please call 231-932-4300 to schedule a free private consultation.

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