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Seung-ni 28 Day Body Challenge - The Best Way To Achieve Your New Year's Fitness Resolutions

I want to lose 15 pounds. I want to fit into my favorite pants. I want to look good in my bathing suit for spring break. I want to look like I did ten years ago. I want to look like I did before I had kids. Every December 31st - we make a resolution to get in great shape for the coming year. Often, however, this dream is just that a dream. A goal on the other hand is a dream with a deadline. The Seung-ni Traverse City Fit Club 28 Day Body Challenge is the perfect way to help make your new "more fit you for 2014" dream an attainable goal.

Starting Sunday, January 19th at 3:00pm at the Seung-ni Fit Club in Traverse City the 28 Day Body Challenge will launch. For over 15 years, thousands of individuals just like you have taken the Body Challenge and earned amazing results. In fact, Challengers have lost more than 30,000 pounds in that time. The Seung-ni Body Challenge has obtained results even far beyond that ever even seen on the TV hit reality show the Biggest Loser. Men, Women, young, old, retirees, new mothers, grandparents, professionals, college coeds, teenagers - have all done great.

Here is why the Body Challenge is so succesful:

  1. Effective Workouts - body challengers train up to 7 days a week doing group fitness classes that are fun, motivating, challenging and suited to all levels of fitness. Whether you work out a lot right now or are a professional couch potato ... the Seung-ni group fitness classes like kickboxing, body sculpt, bootcamp and core will help you build lean muscle and burn fat. All classes are led by encouraging, positive instructors who will show you everything you need to know.

  2. Fat Burning Nutrition Plan - never hungry, no calorie counting, no crazy fads ... we will show you what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat so that your body stays in the fat burning zone. And, what's best is that it is easy to follow, makes sense and the food tastes great.

  3. Accountability - you will be weighed, measured, get a before photo and get your body fat analzed on day 1. Then every week you are required to get on the scale and get measured to check your progress toward YOUR goal. Being accountable to a third party is powerful because the moment of weakness when you think about cheating on your diet or skipping a workout - you will think about having to get on a scale.

  4. Fun Competition - the last aspect of the Body Challenge that makes it work is the competition. You be put on a team and will compete as an individual and as part of that team to see who can lose the most body fat in the 28 days to win prizes and bragging rights. The more you lose the more you win!!!

It is a scientific fact that it takes 28 days to break a bad habit or to start a new good one. Make training hard and eating right your new power habits for success in 2014 to achieve your New Year's Resolutions with the Seung-ni Traverse City Body Challenge.

The Seung-ni Fit Club is located on 3 Mile Road in Traverse City. The Body Challenge is limited to just 40 members and costs only $79.00 (only $29.00 if you are already a Fit Club monthly member) for the entire 28 Day Challenge. To reserve your spot call 231-932-4300 and make your goal come true.

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