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Martial Arts Black Belts Are Earned One Kick And Punch At A Time.

A black belt in martial arts is a fantastic achievement for any child, teen or adult. In Traverse City at the Seung-ni Martial Arts Academy on November 16, 2013, eight students earned their 3rd degree black belt and 11 were awarded their 2nd degree. A black belt is a reflection of the countless number of hours spent in the dojo (karate) or dojang (taekwondo) over years and years of effort, sacrifice and sweat.

A child martial artist in today's society is constantly having to fight the common trend of playing countless different sports, hours of video games and computer time and watching television for a good chunk of time each week. That a 10 year old can stay dedicated to Taekwondo or Karate for 3 - 5 years (which it usually takes to achieve a black belt) is remarkable. Traverse City kids are finding that this sacrifice is worth it though. When that embroidered martial arts black belt is wrapped around their waste they gain an unshakeable self esteem that few others can appreciate or even dream of.

Adult martial artist in Northern Michigan likewise have much to brag about when they achive black belt status -- although a black belt martial artist seldom would. Busy work schedules, family commitments, the need for great physical prowess, long term discipline ... adult martial artists must carve out time for training. But everything an adult student of Taekwondo, Karate, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts or even Boxing puts in ... they get back ten fold in return.

Road rage, terrorists on planes, bullies on the playground, gunman in schools, murders in movie cinemas, muggers and rapists on the TART Trail (local Traverse City nature run / bike path) the need to have real self protection skills has never been greater. Black Belts not only can defend themselves but they are trained and appreciate that their skills can help others in need.

Earning a black belt in any martial arts is a fantastic achievement for anyone. It does take sacrifice but it is worth it. If you would like to begin your journey towards black belt and beyond give me a quick call at 932-4300.

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