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Seung-ni’s Aerobic Kickboxing: Traverse City’s Fitness Secret

Pulling on the kickboxing gloves, loosening up your sore muscles, upbeat music pounding out a steady beat, nodding to fellow kickboxer warriors as they wander onto the training mat – the anticipation before the class is almost as much fun as the kicks, punches, elbows and knees. Burning up to 800 hour calories an hour, aerobic kickboxing combines martial arts training with aerobics to put a real “punch” into your fitness regiment. Kickboxing originated in Thailand. It specializes in using your body as a human weapon. Put to music and performed on heavy bags and partner held pads, it is one of the ultimate functional cardio and strength workouts going.

The friendly, positive Seung-ni Instructors make the class a blast. They motivate and challenge all the sweaty kickboxers to reach their potential. They know you by name and are great at educating you on the proper form. For instance, they will show you how to make a proper clenched fist and how to throw a jab punch properly so as not to get injured. They are constantly changing the kickboxing workout so you and your body never get bored or it a rut.

At the Seung-ni Academy several of the Fit Club instructors in Traverse City are also Taekwondo black belts so not only are you burning fat and gaining muscle you are learning real life self-defense skills. Elbows strikes and devastating knee attacks become second nature through countless repetitions and muscle memory. As such, they will become instinctive if ever needed in a real life violent threat. Running on a tread mill in your basement unfortunately will not!

Another key to the Seung-ni Kickboxing success is the use of heavy striking bags. Many of our clients use to do kickboxing dvds in their living room or at a traditional gym aerobics room. However, at Seung-ni we have over a dozen full size kickboxing bags. Hitting these bags not only pumps up the cardio but also magnifies the muscular resistance benefit exponentially. Punching and kicking in just the air is like practicing the your swim strokes by the side of the pool. When you actually dive in the water and start swimming, moving that heavy water with your hands and feet is completely different. It is the same when striking against a professional kicking bag or punching a pad held by a partner. So come jump in the water at try a real kickboxing class at the Seung-ni Gym in Traverse City.

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