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Traverse City Child BJJ

Traverse City Child BJJ is a fantastic martial art option for your son or daughter. Traverse City BJJ is an exciting, cool, hot martial art. Brazilian Jiu-jitsu or (BJJ) has been taught in Traverse City for the last decade at the Seung-ni Academy. The Traverse City based Seung-ni Academy offers great Beginning BJJ Classes for students age seven and up. BJJ is unique because among martial arts because instead of kicks and punches it relies on submissions to deter and defeat an opponent.

BJJ students at the Seung-ni Academy train three days a week working on their sweeps, take-downs, arm bars, submissions and escapes. The Children and Teens in the BJJ class learn not only self defense skills but also impressive life skills. Confidence, positive thinking, perseverance and calm under pressure are just a few of the powerful life skills Traverse City students are learning and earning at every BJJ class.

Traverse City BJJ Kids can't wait to come to class because Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is fun:

1. Takedowns - Always a highlight of any BJJ training class, practicing throwing your buddies on soft mats is just down right enjoyable. With a mixture of Judo, Wrestling, Sambo and BJJ takedowns, students learn how to unbalance and take to the ground a would be attacker.

2. Impressive Submissions - Traverse City students at Seung-ni have the attitude of a basketball player when he pulls off an awesome dunk when they are able to perform a wicked joint lock or choke on a training partner. With no egos on the training floors BJJ students are free to try sweet moves and laugh at themselves if it goes all crazy. And, then go right back to try it again and again with a smile.

3. Friendships - Something about rolling with BJJ buds helps to build long lasting and positive friendships. Traverse City youths have all the stress of peer pressure and social media and bullying as in kid in America. Brazilian Jiu-jitsu classes become a source of new friends that are always positive and up lifing.

4. Problem Solving Skills - BJJ has been compared quite aptly to human chess. Traverse City kids and teens while in BJJ class at the Seung-ni Academy are constantly have to figure how to get in and out of physical tie ups. With a good training buddy pushing you to reach your highest potential BJJ students acquire the ability to stay calm and think their way through not only struggles on the mats but also in life.

5. Strength & Confidence - As we become stronger we see life differently. More confidence is a powerful feeling that is only earned through hard work, discipline and sacrifice. But rest assured every hour your son or daughter puts into their BJJ training will directly result in increased strength and self esteem.

So with that said, if you are a parent living around the Traverse City area then maybe its time to check out Child BJJ Classes at the Seung-ni Academy. Give them a call at 2321.932.4300 and set up a free introductory class for your kid. Every Brazilian Jiu-jitsu instructor at the Seung-ni Academy is patient, positive and welcoming.

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