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Bully Self Defense

Bully self defense is nothing new. In fact learning self defense has been going on since bullying started. For some reason, one person just can't follow the rules of society and has to bully. And, a person, generally a nice person, is forced to put up with the bullying or learn self defense if they want to stop it. It is a most challenging issue with an equally easy answer. Bully self defense training will stop bullying!

To think of it another way. Water drowns people. Unless and until such time as people learn how to defeat the power of water by learning how to swim. Yes, you can avoid the pool, avoid the lake, avoid the ocean, avoid the canoe trips, avoid the water parks -- but is that the way to live. The simple answer is "NO". The right answer. The correct response is learn how to swim so that the power of water has no control over you.

Bully defense is the exact same thing. Bullies are everywhere. Bullies are in school. Bullies are at work. Bullies are at bars. Bullies are at playgrounds. Bullies are in families. Those getting bullied and parents of those kids getting bullied have only one choice -- try to avoid the bully or change them (of course, good luck, it would be easier it seems to make water less dangerous then to seemingly change the nature of a bully) OR learn bully self defense. In the end there really is only one correct avenue...learn to swim and learn self defense.

Bully self defense is martial arts training at its very core. Martial artists learn in their training how to safely avoid physical confrontations. Martial artists learn in their training how to efficiently redirect violent energy. Martial artists gain self confidence in their training to back down a bully with their posture, their voice, their game face, their very presence. Martial artists learn how to positively nullify a physical attack be it from a punch, a push, a grab or tackle.

It can be a little intimidating for a person who is being bullied to call up a martial arts academy, talk to the instructor, get information about the self defense programs, schedule their first self defense lesson and most importantly go to and take part in their first self defense class. But the confidence that will result and be earned from that momentous step outside their comfort zone is immeasurable in beginning the process of defeating the bully. Just like the person who almost drowned and then goes to their first swim lesson. Fear is a phenomenally strong motivator.

The best advice for learning bully self defense is the same as the Nike Corporation powerful slogan-- "Just Do It"

The Seung-ni Academy teaches bully defense for all ages: Little Dragons (ages 5 & 6), Beginning Child Taekwondo (ages 7-12), Teen Taekwondo (ages 13-17), Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (ages 13 & up), Adult Taekwondo and Women's Self Defense Seminars. The phone number to the Seung-ni Academy is 231-932-4300 and the website is

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