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Traverse City BJJ

Traverse City BJJ (or Brazilian Jiu-jitsu) at the Seung-ni Dojo is cool for all the right reasons. BJJ is more than just a martial arts to many practicing it at the Seung-ni Dojo in Traverse City -- it is a way of life. BJJ students are the surfers of the martial arts world. The men, women and teens training in the Brazilian Jiu-jitsu program at the Seung-ni Academy share that same mindset. Flow, smooth, peace, energy, groove -- surfers and bjj share the same vision and lingo.

The Seung-ni BJJ gym was founded in Traverse City in September of 2001 and since the doors opened its has been the headquarters for Brazilian Jiu-jitsu in Northern Michigan. And, it is way sweet that some of the very first students who wandered into the gym all those years ago are still training today. BJJ is not for everyone maybe -- but for those who seek it out it becomes a new way of looking at life.

BJJ is great for everyone regardless of age, gender, size, fitness and prior training. Traverse City bjj students come from all walks of life and backgrounds. But on the bjj training mats they are a team. And the goal of the team is self improvement. And the competition that does exist if any is - you against you.