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Traverse City Parents Love Child Martial Arts...

Traverse City parents love child martial arts classes for their kids for all the right reasons. Its funny many parents after watching their son or daughter train in martial arts class for the first time are totally blown away with the number of impressive life skills being taught in Taekwondo and Karate programs. And, what makes it even better is that the Traverse City kids doing the martial arts classes are having a total blast.

Parents in Traverse City want the best for their children just like any parent in the country. They seek out those extracurricular activities that reinforce what the moral compass and work ethic and principles being taught in their own home. Martial arts scores a direct hit on each and every crucial category. If anything, parents wish they had enrolled their kids in karate and taekwondo at even a younger age.

Traverse City parents faced with so many choices for their active children have realized that martial arts training is the perfect fit for so many awesome reasons:

1. Child Martial Arts teaches respect. In 2018 respect is a key attribute that seems to be losing the battle in many areas in America. But, not it Taekwondo classes. For instance at the Seung-ni Martial Arts Academy, located in Traverse City Michigan, the young martial arts students are reinforced in a positive way every class by bowing, making eye contact, not talking, saying "yes sir" and "yes ma'am." In addition the personal development talks the students engage in with the Master Instructor, 4th Degree Black Belt, Dan Hall focus heavily on the students responsibility to respect their parents by obeying.

2. Kids in Karate learn about self control. Children today often lack the ability to control their body, their words and their actions. Often this is a root result of a lack of patience fostered by far too much of the readily available electronic entertainment in their lives. In Karate, the young martial artists have to meditate to keep their body still and then have to exercise patience when learning challenging techniques and forms. Lastly, when engaging in self defense training they have to learn self control of their emotions and anger.

3. Taekwondo instills confidence in Traverse City kids. At the Seung-ni Academy, beginning child taekwondo students ranging in age age from 7-12 have to practice a moves, blocks, kicks, punches, Korean words, etc. for 3 months and then demonstrate those skills at a sufficient level to be able to earn their next martial arts rank belt. Only from working hard at a goal and accomplishing that goal is confidence created in a person. Kids are no different. This old school process of challenging children with real physical and mental skills that mush be learned builds unshakeable self esteem.

4, Martial arts helps youngsters to release tons of energy in a positive productive way. Kids often sit at desks, couches and cars for hours on a daily basis. So much energy. Cant sleep well. Cant sit still, problems with learning. At the Seung-ni Academy in Traverse City for example the child martial arts students run, jump, kick, punch and do ninja warrior style obstacle courses to vent this energy. And, not only does this exhaust that energy karate training builds superior athletes. Countless black belts from the Seung-ni Academy are now college and pro level athletes in various disciplines including golf, tennis, baseball, football and volleyball.

Traverse City parents have selected martial arts classes for their sons and daughters for all the impressive benefits. If you live around Traverse City and would like to see for yourself what taekwondo can do for your kid -- then call the Seung-ni Academy at 231.932.4300 or check out the Academy on their website at

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