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How to Execute a Tornado Kick

Step 1: From a balanced and relaxed combat stance focus eyes on the target... in this case, the kicking bag. Stay light on your toes and keep your arms and legs loose.

Step 2: Take a step forward with your front foot and begin rotation. Pushing off of your back leg rotate 180 degrees and then plant back foot while facing away from the bag.

Step 3: Bring front leg off of the ground and lift knee to help with rotation. Push

off of back leg and rotate 180 degrees back around to face the bag without letting front leg touch the ground.

Step 4: While still in the air release back knee and finish rotation so that you are in the position of a regular round house... just in the air. Using arms and hips as the driving force while in the air, keep core tight and eyes on the bag.

Step 5: Extend leg and make contact with the bag while in the air. Sideways to the bag, your non-kicking leg will remained extended towards the ground acting as landing gear. After striking, recoil leg back into bent position and then land back on your non-kicking leg. Although these pictures show the kick being performed with contact near the head, extreme flexibility is not necessary for execution, but will in fact improve speed, accuracy, and power.

Kick Away!!!

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