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How Taekwondo Kicks Obesity In Kids

It is not news that childhood obesity is on the rise in the United States and its not a surprise that the worlds most widely practiced martial arts -- Taekwondo -- is kicking American youth back into shape. Taekwondo is an incredible Korean martial art that is known for its amazing acrobatic kicks and phenomenal athletes. Taekwondo is for all ages, and students of the Korean art often start as early as 3 years of age. Boys and girls living in the United States are crazy out of shape for many reasons:

  • Too much sitting in front of video games and television.

  • Too much fast food.

  • Not enough gym classes in school.

  • Not enough physical chores.

Just walk around the local mall and you can see for yourself that the youth of America is getting soft.

Taekwondo is coming to the rescue of childhood obesity just in the nick of time. Taekwondo offers so many valuable benefits for children and their health and fitness:

  • Martial art drills are physically challenging and push young athletes to reach new heights.

  • Great Taekwondo cardio exercises like jumping jacks, relay races, running, agility ladders, etc.

  • Taekwondo sparring has students with safety gear on kicking and punching each other and scoring points -- at the end each Taekwondo student is totally winded and full of sweat.

  • Passionate Taekwondo black belt instructors who instill healthy life style habits of eating balanced diets, importance of exercising and training outside of the dojang and limiting video game and tv time.

  • Being healthy requires discipline and Taekwondo helps young students learn how to be disciplined in many facets of their life including fitness

If your kid seems to be a kid who looks like they already are or could easily be on their way to being obese or out of shape or just too soft -- then maybe its time you check out a Taekwondo program for them.

For parents living in Northern Michigan, around the Traverse City area, one of the most respected martial arts schools is the Seung-ni Taekwondo Studio. The studio is a leader in building kids with strong minds and strong bodies. The Seung-ni Studio is located on 3 Mile Road between S. Airport and Hammond. Seung-ni offers Taekwondo classes for kids in the following age ranges:

To learn more about the Taekwondo program at the Seung-ni Studio and to see if it may be the right answer for your son or daughter please call 231.932.4300 or check out the studio on line at

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