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Traverse City Karate

Traverse City Karate schools are a community resource. Traverse City Karate academies provide a unique environment for children, teens and adults to learn about other cultures, learn about themselves and learn about what it takes to be successful. Regardless of your age, background or prior training - the right Traverse City Karate club would be a great place for you to step outside of who you are and become something more.

Traverse City Karate centers have a rich history of changing lives. The discipline, the respect, the confidence and self control -- these life skills honed at your local Traverse City Karate dojo have positively influenced the lives of thousands of Traverse City residents in countless ways. Here is just a few of the some great highlights of Traverse City Karate:

1. Jonas - Age 14 started Taekwondo at the Seung-ni Martial Arts Academy in Traverse City when he was 7. Jonas is now a straight A student and is working on his Second Degree Black Belt.

2. Barbara - Age 38 began her Traverse City Karate training right after getting divorced. She was looking for something to focus her energies on, make great friends and build her confidence. Barbara is a little less than a year out from earning her Taekwondo Black Belt.

3. Samantha - Age 5 is a Little Dragon at the Seung-ni Academy in Traverse City. Her parents enrolled her in her Traverse City Karate class to help her get ready for Kindergarten and to build her self esteem. Samantha is a leader in her Dragons class and loves to break boards and is enjoying a great year in Kindergarten.

4. Michael - Age 3 is a Little Ninja and his single mom sought out the Seung-ni Academy in Traverse City to assist in giving Michael boundaries and self control. Full of energy and stubborn at first -- Michael has made tremendous progress in his martial arts journey. Michael is a purple belt and is excited for his first Traverse City Karate tournament this fall to win a trophy.

5. James - Age 25 started his Traverse City Karate training after graduating from college downstate last year and moving to Traverse City for his new job. Martial arts had always been one of his great passions and he was more than ready to begin working towards his blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. In addition, James has made a ton of business contacts in the class and close friends.

Traverse City Karate touches so many. Traverse City Karate does so much good. Traverse City Karate may be just what you or your son or daughter need to get them to that next level. Confidence, fitness, friends, focus, discipline, self control, respect -- the benefits are crazy good. The few stories touched on above highlighting Traverse City Karate are inspiring and exciting -- maybe its time you write your own Traverse City Karate story!!!

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