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Learning Women's Self Defense Is Fun

Practicing Women's Self Defense can be very fun. Its amazing how such a basic yet important skill at self defense can become so enjoyable when learned in a positive environment with other women. Women engaging in self defense training create an atmosphere of camaraderie that makes it fun. For many women the thought of learning self defense can be intimidating for various reasons. But, these fears are generally unrealized when women actually take a class or self defense seminar and see how cool it is to learn how to protect yourself.

This is a good checklist for any women to consider in selecting what is the right self defense course for them or their daughters:

1. Good reputation - Make sure to seek out reputable martial art school that is well regarded for teaching women's self defense classes. Check out their website and any reviews on google and yelp, etc.

2. Hands on course - Research adequately to insure that the women's self defense course is not just all a bunch of talking and no doing. Self defense to be utilized in the real world needs to be a life skill that is instilled via muscle memory and repetition. Thus, a self defense course for women should actually involve a large degree of practice of fundamental protection moves like kicks, strikes and escapes.

3. Right type of martial arts style - Not all martial arts are created equal, especially when it comes to women's self defense. Two of the very best martial arts that lend themselves to empowering women to protect themselves is Taekwondo and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Each art form relies in lower body strength (glutes, hips and legs) for stopping an attacker -- and this is where women have their greatest power.

4. Friendly environment - A martial art school that is welcoming and positive is the ideal place to learn women's self defense. The old macho image of the tough karate or kung fu master with little patience and all ego - just does not cut it any more. Kind, encouraging and positive is the right place to learn women's self defense in 2017.

5. Economical - It is hard to put a price on the value of self defense, but the price for a women's self defense program should be reasonable. Between $30 and $40 a class is fair.

6. Fun - Find a program that you and enjoy and do it a lot. Invite your coworkers, sisters and neighbors and help every women gain confidence and skills in self defense.

And, just because you attend a single self defense workshop for women does not mean you are done. Remember practice is the key so that you can actually recall and effectively use the skills in self defense when needed.

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