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Sport Taekwondo has come to Traverse City!

When most people think of martial arts they may recall the tournaments seen in the classic martial arts films IE Karate Kid. However few people realize that the tournaments depicted in these films are actual events that occur throughout the world. Sport taekwondo in particular has seen a large growth in the past decade and is one of two martial arts that are featured in the Olympic games! At Seung-ni Martial Arts we have started our own sport taekwondo team and have seen great success. So why not make taekwondo YOUR sport?

Sport taekwondo is similar to other contact sports; athletes must train hard, follow a structured set of rules, and have gear for their events. Our coaches at Seung-ni routinely meet with national team coaches, attend seminars and team training events in order to make sure they can promote the best athletes for our team as well as be up to date on any and all changes made to the competitive rule-set. We also keep the top end sparring gear in stock so our athletes are ready to be geared up whenever they need to be.

When people think of extracurricular sports many think of basketball, football, volleyball, or a few others. Rarely may one consider taekwondo, yet now is a great time to get involved in it. The nationals are being held in Detroit, Michigan this year! Seung-ni is Traverse City's only sport taekwondo club that is serious about being a force in the competitive scene. Seung-ni athletes came back with 4 gold medals from the state tournament this year!

Come join us at Seung-ni Martial Arts and see about making taekwondo YOUR sport! Even if sport Taekwondo doesn't suit you, we offer traditional taekwondo classes as well as Jui-jitsu and kickboxing! Give us a call at (231) 932-4300, visit our website at, or come in and check us out in person!

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