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Martial Arts in the Summer is Great for the Whole Family!

As the school year winds down and summer break draws closer many parents will search for something to occupy both their and their children's time during the gap between school years. Summer camp is an option but that doesn't allow the parents to be involved in the activity aside from drop-off and pick-up. If parents want to do something with their children then their options are limited. However, one activity that both parents and children can do together while improving themselves is martial arts. At Traverse City's Seung-Ni Martial Arts and Fit Club we provide the best martial arts enviroment for families to train in!

Seung-Ni Martial Arts has a class for any age group! Whether your child is 3 or 4 for Little Ninjas, 5 or 6 for Little Dragons, 7 through 12 for Child TKD, or 13 through 17 for Teen TKD, there is class to fit your child and ensure they have the best training enviroment for their age. Younger classes mix simple techniques with games to utilize them. The positive and patient black belt instructors also teach the younger students about manners and social skills while they attend class. The older students will have classes that are more in-depth with their techniques and discuss discipline both in the academy and outside it.

Parents will find that the adult classes for martial arts training at Seung-ni to be very rewarding. Adult classes focus on a variety of useful techniques, whether TKD striking or Brazilian Jui-Jitsu grappling, as well as strength and flexibility building excercises. The instructors will also explain ways that the martial art mindset can be applied to everyday life at work and home. Parents will enjoy being able to relate to what their son and/or daughter is learning!

If you are interested in getting your family involved in martial arts training in the Traverse City area please contact Seung-ni Martial Arts and Fit Club at (231) 932-4300 or visit us at

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