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Seung-ni Taekwondo Olympic sparring is a Great sport for kids!

Olympic sparring is both physically rewarding and challenging! At Seung-ni martial arts acadamy in Traverse City, students of all belt ranks come together and enjoy the sport of Taekwondo in a fun environment. Every Saturday morning the sparring team gets together and practices fun martial arts, while getting a seriouse workout at the same time. Students leave each practice with new goals to reach, and new friendships as well. Seung-ni's sparring team focuses on proper tequniqu, speed, and strategy to help kids become real martial arts athletes. The more seriouse students can put their skills and development to the test by competing in local Taekwondo sparring tournaments with teams from other schools around Michigan. The team meets once a week for an hour and receives instruction from the two team coaches. Both coaches are black belt instructors and give supportive feedback, as well as new goals for each student to work towards.

Olympic style Taekwondo is a great sport for athletes of any age, or skill level. This sport has something to offer anyone looking for a fun new sport! For more information regarding the team visit the Traverse City Seung-ni official page.


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