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How Karate Helps Parents At Home

Raising kids is a challenge, but Karate can help. School, chores, character, health, etc... -- the hurdles and challenges along the way can be difficult for any parent. Martial arts offers several tools to parents that can be relied on to help make the raising of children in today's socient easier and more effective.

Karate is a Japanese martial art that focuses on developing self defense skills, building a strong body and sharpening a sharp mind. Korean Karate often referred to as Taekwondo is the most popular form of martial arts taught in the World. Karate students excel not just in the dojo but also in life. The secret to this success is what may also be a secret weapon for parents:

1. Karate instills discipline. Discipline means a karate student has the mental strength to do what must be done. Most children struggle with discipline. But, in Karate class the young students learn this vital life skill by being instructed in a way that discipline is becomes not just valuable but fun. Karate parents need to set up challenges and chores around the house that likewise build discipline but have a component of fun achievement woven in.

2. Karate builds confidence. It is well settled that a child who likes themselves can be pushed harder to make positive changes. Karate does this self esteem construction by setting up realistic but difficult goals that lead to tangible results when acheived. For instance, Karate kids earn new belts when they work and can perform the required skills for a karate belt promotion exam. Parents must use this Karate secret to help their own kids earn confidence when they finish homework without prompting or take on additionl chores. Be creative...

3. Karate is tough. In today's age kids are soft. Every thing from entertainment (e.g.., movies, tv, video games, toys) to school work (computers and internet) make life almost struggle free. What I mean is this -- kids can get what they want without much effort. This can lead to lazy kids with no grit. Karate moms and dads can arm their sons and daughters with grit by carefully crafting projects and assignments where hard work and perseverance are required. And, the more they achieve the harder it gets.

4. Karate is cool. Very few things in life that have been around for thousands of years is still considered cool. But martial arts is!!! Reason why --- its fun to do, hard to do, fun to watch, hard to get great at, everybody would like to be a karate black belt (to name a few reasons). So parents in 2015 need to make being a good kid cool. Make respecting parents in public cool. Make getting good grades cool. Make having impressive goals and resilience cool, karate cool!

Karate offers so much to kids its amazing. Parents need to delve deep in the martial arts and customize a world for their kid that will change their lives.

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