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Learning Self-Defense is Fun For the Whole Family!

Family is important. Making sure your family is safe is more important. So if there was a way to have your family learn how to defend them self while having fun wouldn't you jump on that opportunity? Well at Seung-Ni Martial Arts you have that opportunity; classes are taught to everyone starting as early as three years old! Together your family can strengthen both mind and body while learning techniques to protect yourselves and each other.

Whether you are looking for your child to build some confidence for school or hoping to gain a bit of muscle for yourself, you will find those wishes met while training at Seung-Ni. This could be a three year old Little Ninja learning social skills or a teenager gaining some confidence in them self; the Seung-ni black belt teachers make sure that each student knows how to improve their body and that they learn valuable lessons.

Improving mind and body is important, but understanding how to protect those is one of the defining points for any martial art. Knowing how to defend yourself can bring peace of mind. Knowing that your family can protect them self and each other makes that more so. All age groups learn how to protect them self with age appropriate techniques; the five and six year old Little Dragons learn to keep their hands up to protect their faces and use loud words to alert authority. Older children learn how to break free of someone grabbing them and adults learn standing and ground grappling. At the end of each class students leave with someone that is appropriate for them to use in the event they are attacked.

If you or someone you know in the Traverse City area is interested in martial arts classes please contact Seung-Ni Martial Arts at (231) 932-4300 or visit us at

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