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How The Partnership Between USA Taekwondo and UFC Can Help Martial Arts In Traverse City

Taekwondo and UFC in Traverse City

Seung-Ni martial arts, the largest martial arts academy in Northern Michigan, is home to USA Taekwondo certified coaches and a booming culture of amature and professional MMA fighters. The Traverse City Seung-Ni academy hosts training seminars with pro MMA fighters including UFC veteran Houston Alexander.

How Taekwondo fits into MMA

Most MMA fighters will find the best styles in order for them to be well rounded in the ring. More and more MMA fighters are turning to Taekwondo for kicking. National level Taekwondo competitors are already starting to make the transition to MMA. National USA Taekwondo team member James Moontasri has recently signed with the UFC. Taekwondo is known for its devastating power kicks and its incredible kicking speed. No other martial art is as detailed and focused on effective kicking than Taekwondo. USA Taekwondo members spend hours every day focusing on developing the fastest and most powerful kicks.

Seung-Ni Taekwondo Class Structure

Seung-Ni Taekwondo students are tought sport Taekwondo and traditional Taekwondo. On the sport side students work on cardio, effective power kicks, and mental focus in the ring. In addition to this the traditional Taekwondo class will work on boxing and judo. Training in sport and traditional Taekwondo will give all students a well rounded stand up game for MMA.

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