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Proper Preparation Leads to Better Results

Taekwondo and BJJ, like all other sports, are all about preparation. However, in other sports the emphasis placed on preparation may not be as large as that at Seungni Martial Arts. At Seungni martial arts in Traverse City all the instructors place a massive amount of focus onto the necessity of proper preparation for students of all ages and skill levels. The most obvious reason for this is because Taekwondo and BJJ require a unique uniform which allows for full range of motion and gives students the best chance to improve during class. What is less obvious though, is that students who come prepared with the correct gear, properly energized, and a focused mindset are sure to gain more benefit from each class than a student who shows up without his/her necessary tools to succeed. While this lesson is extremely important for a flourishing student at Seungni, the staff also makes it their goal to express how this lesson should be used in all areas of life. For a young child, being prepared for school, practice, or even social events can change the positivity of their experience and ultimately give them a more enjoyable life. This lesson is just one of many that the staff at Seungni martial arts hopes to teach all students as they are focused on training all students to be well rounded people as well as well rounded martial artists. As younger or less experienced students can see that the most highly skilled martial artists always come fully prepared they can learn that in order to get to the highest level of any activity is it necessary for you to come fully prepared and focus for whatever lies ahead. Here's a list of how to get started

How to be prepared:

1. Get lots of sleep

2.Eat healthy and well portioned meals

3. Always bring your uniform

4. Visualize success before class

5. Come to class with a positive attitude

6. Assess each class to see what you did well and poorly

7. Love what you do!

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