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Traverse City BJJ

Traverse City BJJ is a great way for women, of all ages, to learn how to defend themselves. BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-jitsu) is one of the most popular martial arts in the world and especially in Traverse City, Michigan. Students of Traverse City BJJ find a unique environment where they can learn a cool art form among friends.

BJJ is a ground based grappling system that empowers a smaller individual to protect themselves against a larger and stronger attacker. BJJ relies on principles of leverage, balance, vital points, momentum and crisp technique to give the students the impressive power of self protection. And, above all, BJJ is pure fun. It is like a game of chess with all the moves and counters.

In Traverse City, students of BJJ have been enjoying learning the cutting edge art form at the Seung-ni Academy. Founded in 2001, the Seung-ni Academy is the leading school or dojo for BJJ in northern Michigan. BJJ is taught at the Seung-ni Academy in Traverse City on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings at 7:00pm. The BJJ classes are family friendly and a great place for women living around Traverse City to experience the power of BJJ.

Traverse City BJJ is perfect for girls, teenagers and adult women. Basically any woman who wants to learn how to protect herself and her family and build unshakeable confidence. BJJ fits women for these reasons:

1. BJJ focuses on the core, hips and legs where women keep their power.

2. BJJ teaches women how to use their clothing as a weapon and also how to utilize even the attacker's own clothing as a weapon.

3. BJJ provides a simple and effective and proven path for how to move from a bad position to a dominant position effectively.

4. Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is a very friendly environment where there is no intimidation.

5. When a women learns BJJ she practices it on another person so she knows exactly how to perform each self defense move and what it will take to use in the streets.

6. BJJ does not require tremendous strength or conditioning to be useful -- although the practice of the art form does create strong bodies and minds.

The Traverse City BJJ classes at the Seung-ni Academy, located on 3 Mile Road are taught by patient, encouraging and friendly instructors. And, its free to come try out a Traverse City BJJ class. If you would like to learn more about Brazilian Jiu-jitsu or come try a class just call the Seung-ni Academy at 231.932.4300 or check out their BJJ class intro video on their website at

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