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Tips to Mastering New Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Techniques

In order to be effective in a live situation it necessary for a fighter to have muscle memory of their techniques. In Brazilian JiuJitsu this is especiall important as many of the techniques which students learn require precision and relaxation. If a fighter is constantly struggling to remember the next step in their moves then it will nearly impossible for them to fight at their full potential. It is easy to avoid this problem however. Here are some tips on the most effective ways to learn, remember, and execute new techniques in any martial art, but specifically BJJ.

1. Be overly observant

When you are being taught the new technique for the first time in class, make sure to watch the instructor with intent as he/she do each step. Try to take note of small things such as hand/foot placement, timing, and bod ortientation as they perform the move and if at all possible ask the instructor to show the new technique on you so that you can also get a close up view and feel for how the movement is performed.

2. Run through each step

The first time you practice the move with your partner make sure to take it slow and get each step completed slowly before you move at full speed. Once you are confident in your memory of each step and how to precisely execute, begin doing it more quickly.

3. Have it performed on you

One great way to improve understanding of a move is to experience it being performed on you. Not only can you see the interworkings of the move from another perspective, you can also find different ways people may defend the technique as well as help your partner learn to master it. Teaching others will lock it in your brain

4. Implement in live drilling

Now that you have a solid understanding of the technique begin to use it in any live training drills you do. Each time you try the technique in live drilling, successful or not, you improve your odds of performing it correctly and at the right time in a live fight.

Use these tips and you can be sure to master every new BJJ move that is thrown your way!

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