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Teen Martial Arts: Self Confidence

As kids grow into teenagers, they begin to face a slew of new and sometimes uncomfortable situations in terms of friends, tough decisions, and daily behavior. Nearing the end of middle school and in to high school, most teenagers are in their most vulnerable state of being. Looking to fit in, as well as attempting to deal with the pressures of school and solcial activities, self confidence can be hard to find. At Seung ni martial arts in Traverse City, teen martial art classes act as a workshop for the growth and expansion of confidence in young people. Not only can students learn life long skills, but they can make a great new friends in a positive environment. The ability to defend themselves gives teenagers the confidence to stand up for themselves and others as they enter this difficult time. This ability allows them to truly make a difference in their school but also in their path of development. Utilizing technical drills and safely implementing live training, the staff at Seung ni makes it possible for students to grow as martial artists and as young people. One example would be sparring, or live training with pads and head gear. Sparring allows students to use everything they have learned in a controlled environment with no risk of injury. Along with all of the mental benefits of being able to take part in sparring, the students will also reap the benefits of physical exercise. All the while, students continue to learn about respect and discipline which will allow them to succeed in all of their other commitments, thus increasing their confidence further.

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